A Possible GUI for Future AmigaOS    16856 times seen    Last update: Dec 04, 2001 - 03:30 AM EST

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Support for AlphaChannel based Graphics (very important for real transparencies and shadows)
Support for 256 color Icons and up
Global Anti-Aliased Text (for Titles, Icons Name, Edit boxes, Menus...etc.)
Skin support for each element of the GUI
Desired functionalities
Object Icons. It will allow dynamic behaviours such as:
- Animation of the icons when moving the mouse over them,
- or perform an action when you drag'n'drop an object on the top of the icon.
- Object Icons generally behave like programs (Applets).
Direct Hardware Access for the graphics library to free CPU usage and provide high performance rendering.
Amiga port of Netscape/Mozilla browser.
More ideas coming...

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