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Welcome to my website. If you are a Recruiter seeking a Potential condidate, if you are interested in Technology news, if you are looking for nice visual Java applets or if you want to discover my music world, then you're in the right place!

If you have any comments or suggestions, I will be glad to receive them!

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February 24
Website optimized for Netscape and IE browsers.

February 11
Cascading Style Sheet Full support.

February 4
Visual FX section + Java applets added.

January 12
DigiTime added to the main page and in Java Apps section.

January 8
Added Macromedia Flash Animations.

January 4
Added some Javascript routines.

December 30
Website launched.

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'IT', a Secret Invention Touted as Bigger Than the Internet or PC

The mysterious ''IT'' invention has set the U.S. technology world abuzz and is expected to change life in the cities.

Posted on January 16

Keyboard for One Hand

Wired News have an article about "The Half Keyboard". The Half Keyboard looks like the left half of a standard keyboard. It has the same full-size keys and letter layout, but each key also doubles for its opposite right-hand key.

Posted on January 10th

TDK introduces the 3.2gig CD-RW technology

TDK Electronics announced a new CD-RW format which will allow upto 3.2gigs of data to be stored on a special CD format. The CD technology is inexpensive and will allow writing speeds of upto 36X (2minutes a CD) for the new format, and 12X for standard CDs.

Posted on January 7th

Playing Seriously

A Swiss think-tank called Imagination Lab believes that managers can learn from playing with Lego. Read it.

Posted on January 4th

AMD and Transmeta pair up to beat Intel

ZDNet just published a story on the plans between AMD and Transmeta to "gang up" and share information in the hopes of pushing Intel out of the server market. You can read the full story here.

Posted on January 4th

Email virus detected every three minutes in 2000

MessageLabs states: Virus levels soar in the year of the Love Bug, says end-of-year report. MessageLabs, the British company that first stopped the Love Bug, has issued an end-of-year report which shows the number of email viruses soaring. Read more

Posted on January 3rd

No more NT MCSE Certifications

Microsoft has retired its NT MCSE certification on 31th of december . MCSEs have to update their certification to Windows 2000 before December 31, 2001. Read it now.

Posted on January 1st

Napster in court again

Cnet writes 'Napster, an online music-sharing service fighting a landmark copyright dispute, sued online retailer Sport Service for wrongfully using its trademark.'

Posted on December 31

Website Launched

My website is finally up. But it's only the beginning.

Posted on December 30

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